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The Tarot Card Course

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(ONE TIME PAYMENT) Join Phil Phillips in a captivating journey through the mystical world of Tarot cards in this immersive and enlightening course. With decades of experience as a seasoned Tarot practitioner, Phil brings unparalleled wisdom and insight to each session. Whether you're a novice seeking to unlock the secrets of these ancient cards or a seasoned reader looking to deepen your understanding, this course caters to all levels of expertise. You will learn everything from doing readings and understanding how to use your deck of cards, to taking care of them properly. This course uses the card deck: 'RIDER WAITE' and we recommend having this deck of cards with you. These can be bought online, at a spiritual shop or directly via Phil Phillips. NOTE: There is no time limit on this course. Once you have joined, you are in and can finish the course within your own time HOWEVER, the course is being updated every week, for the next 6 WEEKS. This means that one chapter will be released every Monday.




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