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Jun 10, 2024 - Nov 25, 2024

Psychic's Journey


Embark on an extraordinary voyage into the uncharted realms of the mind with 'Psychic Journey,' an enlightening and transformative psychic course by the psychic medium Phil Phillips. This immersive and captivating program is designed to help you unlock the hidden potential of your psychic abilities, guiding you on a profound exploration of the mystical and metaphysical dimensions of consciousness. 'Psychic Journey' is not just a course; it's a doorway to a world beyond the ordinary. Whether you're a curious beginner or an experienced psychic seeking to deepen your skills, Phil Phillips' expertise and decades of experience make this course accessible and enriching for all levels of seekers. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: The fundementals of mediumship and spirituality Aura: Opening up, closing down and how to read your own aura. Tarot cards: How to use tarot cards, and the foundation behind them. Meditation: Learn how to calm your mind. Do readings: Making readings on friends, family or customers. Psychometry: How to use a physical objects to do a reading. Water readings: Using water to do readings. The difference between: Spiritual, psychic, medium and clairvoyance. Connecting with spirits and loved ones. Extra benefits: Members who are apart of this course will also get discounts and offers regarding other courses. LAUNCHES THE 5TH OF OCTOBER! You may join meanwhile in order to secure your space in the course.




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