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Unlock the mysteries of your past, present, and future with Phil Phillips, your trusted guide to the unseen realms.


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A very warm welcome to my page

Welcome to my world. I'm Phil Phillips, and as I embrace my early sixties, I find myself ever more committed to the journey of spiritual exploration. Whether you stumbled upon my website unexpectedly, heard about it from a friend, or purposely sought out a course or event, know this: your presence here is no coincidence.

I was brought up by a spiritual person who I am proud to be associated with; May Scott. May Scott was the president of the
spiritualist church in Cheltenham, where she worked all of her life. She introduced me to a lot of brilliant mediums, that we sat and
had dinner with and I am pleased to say that she introduced me to Gordon Higginson, which is very recognized in the spiritual

Part of my work is to do meditation, healing, mediumship. I travel abroad to do seminars and courses, and lots of other things. A lot
of people know me from being on the TV and radio stations such as TV2 and Telenor.

I hope you enjoy browsing my website, and if there is anything we can help you with, please send me an email.

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Carly Batten

Amazing! Highly recommend seeing Phil. I took a friend with me. His first time sitting in a mediumship evening and he was blown away by everything that came through. Not just for himself but others in the room

Cheryl Meaning

Phil was right in what he said about my past life with loved ones that have passed.

He is spot on with what he says, I was amazed.

Well done phil

Nadine Ann

Try this guy out he’s been fab with my daughter and can’t wait for him to read for me again with cards fab bloke can’t believe what come back cheers Phil good work clever man x


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